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VComply is a risk management solution that offers policy compliance, workflow management, data security, and more. VComply provides risk identification and assessment capabilities for crucial information, and it allows users to centralize property values, claims, policies, contracts and exposure information. Compliance responsibilities can be distributed to different people across an organization. All workflows and processes are managed within the platform, enabling systematic and centralized compliance management. The R.A.G. system helps analyze the performance of responsibilities by denoting instances of failure in Red, delayed completion in Amber and timely completion in Green. VComply offers secure and centralized storage for all documents and data. VComply data centers are ISO 27001 certified with SOC, and it uses the advanced SHA256 with RSA encryption signature algorithm.
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V-Comply has a free version and offers a free trial. V-Comply paid version starts at US$333.00/year.

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