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HotelAppz is a cloud-based hospitality-specific solution that focuses on hotel guest data and addresses two main questions: how to collect data as complete, standardized and actionable? and how to turn this database into more powerful communications and better ROI? Responding to the 1st question, HotelAppz provides a central Guest Data Hub that can connect to and automatically import data from hotel's PMS, channel manager and other data sources. A number of data processing measures are also applied, including deduplication, aggregation, standardization and segmentation. Thank to this, guest database is ensured to be complete, updated in real time and actionable for marketing initiatives. For the 2nd question, the platform comes with a marketing automation solution, enabling users to send one-time mailings, create & automate campaigns and monitor their efficiency. With a strong focus on customizability and segmentability, this will be a powerful tool for hoteliers to personalize communications at higher levels, thereby beating the competition and boosting ROI. Last but not least, HotelAppz facilitates the set-up and management of loyalty programs. HotelAppz's users can also benefit from deep and vary integration solutions between the platform and its partners.
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HotelAppz does not have a free version. HotelAppz paid version starts at US$112.00.

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