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ToolsGroup SO99+ is a supply chain planning solution for demand planning, inventory optimization and replenishment planning. Demand planning provides for automatic, self-adaptive forecast and modeling of demand and demand variability. From the understanding of demand/demand variability, inventory optimization (IO) plans the precise inventory needed while providing opportunities for overall inventory reduction. The automated replenishment engine monitors and controls the replenishment of optimal inventory at each distribution point. Users can design dashboards and reports for alerts on demand performance, stock projections, etc. The system is used worldwide by midsize to enterprise-level companies in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, electronics, retail and more. SO99+ can be deployed as an on-premise solution or through the cloud-based option where users access the solution through remote connection services. It can integrate with ERP platforms like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.
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SO99+ Software - Demand Modeling & Forecasting
SO99+ Software - Service-Level Optimization
SO99+ Software - Replenishment Planning
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