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Honorlock is an on-demand exam proctoring software designed to help educational institutions monitors exam live and prevent students from accessing unauthorized exam content. Key features include content management, activity dashboard, mobile device detection, performance management and automated proctoring. Schools using Honorlock can verify student identity by capturing content on student's ID along with their photos to ensure the student taking the live online exam is the same student enrolled in the desired course. Voice detection functionality uses AI technology that allows institutions to detect specific keywords or phrases and identify students attempting academic dishonesty. Additionally, search and destroy capabilities enable colleges to automatically search for leaked exam content on the internet and request for removal of the material by filling DMCA copyright takedown notices. Honorlock's live pop-in feature assists remote proctors with a 1 : 1 proctor setting that helps prevent cheating and promote learning. Pricing is available at a flat rate per online exam or per student and support is extended via live chat, knowledge base, FAQs, email and phone.
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Honorlock does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. Honorlock paid version starts at N/A.

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