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HeadSpin is a digital experience platform that helps businesses in gaming, banking, retail, eCommerce and other industry segments optimize mobile, audio, video and web-based application experiences. With the performance optimization module, employees can conduct root-cause analysis, generate recommendations, receive predictions and monitor variables across devices, networks and locations. HeadSpin enables staff members to manage dependency profiling, conduct regression testing, detect functional issues, benchmark application performance and more on a centralized platform. The end-to-end testing functionality allows IT professionals to schedule tests, manage biometric testing and handle debugging across multiple devices. Additionally, the built-in dashboard lets managers generate visualizations to view KPIs based on location, OS, app versions, devices, and carrier networks. HeadSpin comes with an application programming interface (API), which allows businesses to integrate the platform with several third-party solutions. It is available on monthly and annual subscriptions and support is extended via FAQs, email, documentation and other online measures.
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HeadSpin pricing

HeadSpin does not have a free version but does offer a free trial.

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