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Delphi AI is artificial intelligence and predictive analytics solution that helps sales, marketing, finance, and service-based teams create data correlations and detect patterns based on business and individual preferences. It enables employees to adjust tolerances and parameters across deep learning algorithms to generate analysis based on specific requirements. Delphi AI allows staff members to streamline in-flight governance operations by checking fields, managing exceptions, and handling error remediations from within a centralized platform. The predictive analytics dashboards can be embedded across multiple workspaces, providing employees with quick access to relevant insights. Additionally, it lets team members create predictive analytics models with multiple data inputs to gain visibility into several possible outcomes. Delhpi AI enables businesses to generate insights by utilizing data from multiple third-party sources. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via email, phone, documentation, and other online methods.
Delphi AI Software - Delphi AI dashboard
Delphi AI Software - Delphi AI sales analytics
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