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Intellectual Property Management Software

A Real IP Operations SaaS Solution HeliosComplete is the first of its kind Software-as-a-Service solution for patents, designs and trademarks that combines world class technology with expert support services in an integrated... Learn more

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WebTMS is a cloud-based intellectual property management tool that lets businesses handle trademarks, create contracts, and more from a unified platform. With WebTMS, staff members can simplify tasks, view trademark records, and... Learn more

PatSeer is a complete professional patent research software that includes a global patent database with integrated analytics, project workflow, collaboration and visualisation capabilities. Its powerful analytical platform helps... Learn more

Lawyerd is an online brand protection solution that helps in safeguarding intellectual property, digital assets, and brands from theft. Their platform provides a range of services including certification of products, online... Learn more

PatSnap is the global leader in connected innovation intelligence for IP and R&D teams. By combing through and connecting billions of data points via AI-powered technology and machine learning, it allows users to quickly extract... Learn more

Corsearch is a brand protection solution designed to help enterprises track gray trade, impersonation and counterfeits across digital channels. Its built-in data clustering and detection tools let clients detect infringements to... Learn more

Sentryc is a brand protection software solution that caters to companies in industries such as luxury goods, electronics, and pharmaceuticals that want to protect brands from counterfeiting and IP infringement. Sentryc offers... Learn more

Patricia is a comprehensive, all-in-one web-based IP management solution for small to medium-sized businesses and their legal teams. With the ability to handle cases through documentation, cost estimation, invoicing, and more,... Learn more

The IP management suite combines long-term hands-on IP expertise and integrated IP country law with smart digital tools. It helps businesses digitalize their IP portfolio and all related records, including documents, due dates,... Learn more

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Cypris is an actionable market intelligence tool that connects R&D and innovation teams to the global innovation ecosystem. The platform gathers, organizes and analyzes over 500M+ data points from 150+ countries every day, from... Learn more

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