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Telecom Expense Management Software

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Datagate is a SaaS-based telecom billing platform designed to assist MSPs with automating the rating and billing of telecommunications services. Datagate was developed to integrate with... Learn more

The Motus platform streamlines administrative tasks, provides fair and accurate mixed-use asset reimbursements, mitigates risk, and offers actionable data insights - all designed to empower your anywhere workforce to make the... Learn more

IT teams are our unsung heroes, and we think it's time to sing. brightfin helps IT and Finance leaders get the recognition they deserve by providing unified views of IT spend that could only be achieved in the past by cobbling... Learn more

vManager is a cloud-based telecom expense management solution from vCom that helps users manage communications spending across inventories and carriers. It provides users with charts and graphs to show monthly spending by type,... Learn more

OneBill is a cloud-based solution that allows enteprises to streamline subscription management and billing processes on a centralized platform. Key features include billing & invoicing, CPQ, order provisioning, reporting,... Learn more

Microcall is a unified call analytics solution that helps organizations analyze and clarify complicated voice data by producing easy-to-visualize dashboards to improve employee productivity, manage the voice infrastructure,... Learn more

eXsight by MTS is a telecom expense management suite. In the system, telecom expenses are attached to telecom assets, so that companies can maintain the minimum necessary inventory of their telecom assets all the time. The asset... Learn more

Clearview is a cloud-based telecom expense management (TEM) solution designed for midsize and larger businesses. The TEM solution is used by telecom consultants and IT or procurement managers to manage voice, data, and wireless... Learn more

Temforce is a cloud-based telecom expense management solution. Key features allow users to automate inventory management, create custom workflows, validate and process invoices and manage contracts. Temforce enables users to... Learn more

Mobil(X) is a mobile device management software designed to help businesses get a 360-degree view of their entire mobile environment and leverage existing infrastructure through machine learning technology to reduce carrier... Learn more

TEMNet is a cloud-based telecom expense management dashboard for small businesses and larger enterprises. It helps management make decisions about service selection, policy changes and expense reduction. The solution provides... Learn more

WidePoint is a telecom lifecycle management solution designed to help businesses handle expenses, orders, devices, assets, logistics, policies and more from within a unified platform. Teams can access custom reports to improve... Learn more

Sierra Gold is a cloud-based telecom expense management solution that caters to the needs of infrastructure analysts and IT communications managers. The solution enables telecom and IT departments to manage data, voice and video... Learn more

Spenza is a cloud-based AI-driven connectivity management platform that caters to medium to large enterprises looking to optimize connectivity costs and gain visibility into telecom expenses. It offers an API platform to connect... Learn more

Kloudville is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that caters to wholesalers, distributors and e-commerce retailers and helps them to manage their business operations. Key features include inventory... Learn more

WinBill is an on-premise and cloud-based telecom expense management solution that helps users analyze, control and monitor telecom expenses across the organization. The platform creates a centralized database of information that... Learn more

mytem360 is a cloud-based telecom expense management software that helps businesses automate data integration processes, identify spending costs, verify compliance risks, and more on a unified platform. It helps companies monitor... Learn more

Billingbooth is a cloud-based telecom billing and accounting solution designed to manage subscription customers. Key features include billing and invoicing, work order management and financial reporting. This solution is suitable... Learn more

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Upland Cimpl is technology expense management software that makes it easy to precisely manage the procure-to-pay lifecycle for telecom, mobility, and cloud investments and services. Streamline vendor selection, evaluation,... Learn more

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Softeligent develops and offers a cloud-based suite of solutions that assists organizations with handling telecom expenses and managing the entire IT asset lifecycle. Teams can maintain a record of all wireless inventory, handle... Learn more

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