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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software

Optimy is an all-in-one, easily configurable social impact management solution that helps organizations of all types such as corporations, corporate foundations, philanthropic advisors, and mission-driven organizations amplify... Learn more

Benevity's corporate purpose software offers an integrated suite of community investment, employee, customer and nonprofit engagement solutions. It was specifically created for companies that want to be pro-active with making the... Learn more

Deed is a cloud-based giving and employee volunteer management solution for companies of all sizes. The solution offers gamified volunteer & giving programs with effective reporting that helps make it easier than ever to match... Learn more

Impact is a cloud-based an all-in-one social value platform that helps organizations monitor, measure, and visualize data from social initiatives. In one centralized interface, users can easily capture organization social value... Learn more

Millie is a volunteering and donation management platform for corporate and non-profit organizations. The solution helps companies reach their social responsibility goals and helps keep track of the impact their pro-active... Learn more

KindLink is the all-in-one platform for CSR management, engagement and promotion. Run all your environmental and community initiatives in one place. Engage employees as well as customers to increase your brand reputation. Build... Learn more

Kambeo is a social impact platform built to accelerate and inspire social change. The first-ever social impact platform that connects cause, community, and commerce. The platform offers a complete toolset for charities and... Learn more

CSR360 is a corporate social responsibility and grant management solution for companies of all sizes. The software allows companies to plan and track their goals, fundraising efforts, grant applications, funds and volunteering... Learn more

atlasGO is an employee engagement and wellbeing platform that gives organizations the opportunity to boost productivity and engagement in the workplace. With the choice between single challenges or ongoing wellbeing programs... Learn more

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