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Voting Software

BigPulse is an online voting solution that helps organizations such as homeowner associations, universities and unions design and run multiple election campaigns. The application comes with an election manager, which lets team... Learn more

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Vevox is a cloud-based polling and Q&A platform designed to help educational institutions and businesses improve employee/student engagement via feedback, polls, interactive sessions and more. The application enables organizations... Learn more

All-in-one, cloud, and web-based platform to digitize and streamline any online, hybrid and in-person voting process, offering a modern and innovative experience in full compliance with the law, security and transparency. Learn more

Echo360 is a hybrid learning and engagement software designed to help businesses in corporate, education, public sector and other industries engage audiences through interactive presentations, polls, virtual classrooms, quizzes... Learn more

ONR App is a community management platform that helps HOA and Condo board members, residents, and property managers with community management, amenities, and communication. The main features of ONR App include visitor management,... Learn more

eBallot is a web-based voting platform designed to help businesses of all sizes. It provides the tools to help you get opinions and feedback on business decisions via secure online votes. With eBallot, you can build custom... Learn more

ONLZ is a multilingual online voting solution designed in Europe to ensure secure and transparent online elections and assemblies. With ONLZ, users can run national, local or private elections with an end-to-end auditable system... Learn more

With Invote, voting is made simple and accessible from any location and on any device. Invite enables online voting easy and secure by providing all the security measures required to safeguard voter privacy and uphold election... Learn more

Sequent is an online voting solution that helps election managers in national, local, and regional governments, as well as private organizations, including universities, trade unions, cooperatives, professional associations, and... Learn more

LogiVote VRM serves as the driving force for voter management, whether in the realm of politics or non-political movements. The platform facilitates voter motivation, surveys, voter list management, mailings and landing pages, a... Learn more

Meeting Manager is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes plan, schedule, and handle meetings, voting processes, and related operations during remote or in-person meetings. It allows users to participate in the... Learn more

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Designed for businesses in consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, consulting, banking and other industries, CustomVote is a cloud-based voting solution that helps streamline online polling via QR codes, data export, online... Learn more

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