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Augmented Reality Software

Unity is an application development software designed to help businesses create and run 2D and 3D games. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with colleagues and gain real-time insights into player behavior. Manager... Learn more

Echo3D is an asset management platform for 3D content that allows developers to manage, render and stream 3D content in real-time. Echo3D streamlines the process of managing the online distribution of your 3D assets, creating a... Learn more

Zakeke is a cloud platform empowering brands to offer their customers live Product Customization, 3D Digital Asset Management & AR view and Virtual Try-On. By integrating it with your store, your customers will be able to... Learn more

Vossle is a no-code Web AR development platform designed to help businesses create augmented reality experiences for customers. The cloud-based platform allows businesses to deliver realistic experiences to customers and manage... Learn more

iGUIDE empowers users with an efficient way to swiftly and accurately generate comprehensive property data like no other camera system. The iGUIDE camera system is designed to provide accurate documentation, streamline workflows... Learn more

Floori is an augmented reality flooring and rug visualizer that helps customers make faster purchasing decisions by visualizing products in their own space. Floori Studio is a simple e-commerce web plugin that lets shoppers... Learn more

Blitzz is a video-powered support platform that provides users the tools to organize inquiries, visualize customer issues, exchange files & documents, collaborate and more. The software was specifically designed for field... Learn more

Sketchfab is a web-based viewing, creating, and publishing tool for 3D models. With this solution, users can organize models using the tool's collection, tag, and category options. 3D models created with Sketchfab can be embedded... Learn more

JigSpace is a 3D knowledge-sharing platform. It is the easiest way to create, visualize, and present ideas in 3D. JigSpaces mission is to be the knowledge platform for the metaverse, empowering anyone to create and share... Learn more

Visao is a digital solutions company that helps manufacturing companies break out of the mold and stand out with its cutting-edge interactive 3D applications for sales, marketing and maintenance processes. Are you a manufacturer... Learn more

Remote eye is a remote assistance solution that leverages artificial intelligence capabilities to provide businesses with video collaboration functionality via a web portal. It caters to equipment manufacturers, automotive... Learn more

Retail VR is an augmented reality software that enables businesses to create a virtual store where teams can interact with customers. The platform enables managers to take product information from the existing website and upload... Learn more

Trying to understand and resolve difficult customer issues in email, chat, or over the phone is often frustrating for everyone. Not only could it take a long time to figure out what the issue is, but also the issue might not get... Learn more

Kiber provides leading industrial enterprises from across the industry with a unique hardware and software fully integrated AR wearable solution, designed with safety features for smarter working and training. Kiber is a... Learn more

Zoho Lens is an augmented reality remote assistance software that transforms contact centers into solution centers. Delays in customer issue resolution are minimized as client-facing teams can initiate remote assistance sessions... Learn more